Being good to each other is so important, guys.

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Random Chatterings [Ep. 9.5] - Summer=Chicken Plate

This episode is technically a holdover episode with “new” material due to many, many things going on that Arlill explains in the intro. Like Episode 5, this episode is comprised of older recordings from 2010 related to the beginning of summer and Arlill’s fears and concerns with the future. 

We’ll be back to our regular schedule in two weeks!

We are constantly tweaking the podcast format so if you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to post them in the comments.
Technical info:
Recorded with a Sansa Fuze and Adobe Audition CC by Arlill Rodriguez
Edited with Adobe Premiere CS6 and Adobe Audition CC by Arlill Rodriguez
"Final Zone~Genesis version" from Sonic 1 composed by Masato Nakamura
Random Chatterings Theme Song (piano and orchestrated versions) by Sergiy Turchyn
"Swan Lake, Op. 20 - Scene, Act 2 #10" composed by Tchaikovsky
"Symphony #5 In C Sharp Minor - 4. Adagietto Sehr Langsam (Conclusion)" by Mahler
2010, 2014